PTSA Analogy
A PTA is almost like running a race. When you run, you have a specific goal in mind, you have a specific time you want to beat, you want to feel as if you achieved your goal or got as close to it as possible by the end of the season, there is an individual goal as well as team goal.


Voice for children You are a voice for our children locally and state

Role Model What wonderful way to know more than just your child and be called “Hi Mrs or Mr. (your child(s) name) mom or dad. You will be amazed how kids act when they see parents at the school or at events throughout the year. And your own child will benefit from this as well with you be known.


Connecting with other parents What better way to get to know other parents and connect than to be a part of the PTSA. Your kids will know other kids. PTSA is like another family, we help one another out.

Connecting with surrounding businesses At times we partner with other businesses to help support our efforts

  • We were very thankful to the Marysville Little Caesars on State street and 47th street for donating pizzas to our WEB leaders. This provided them with food while they put together a plan for Orientation this 2017-2018 school year.
  • We were very thankful to the Safeway in Marysville for giving us a tremendous discount on sub sandwiches to provide lunch to our web leaders. This provided food while they put together a plan or Orientation this 2017-2018 school year
  • We plan to work together with other business in helping beautify our Marysville Middle school


Volunteering There is always volunteer work needed at Marysville Middle School. Our Calendar section will note all the volunteer work we may need assistance with.


Fundraising PTSA hosts fundraisers throughout the year to help build our financial capability in order to provide teachers and students with the assistance they may need.

  • Reading Programs:
    • We are helping teacher(s) with paying for a reading subscription to help support kids who need additional assistance with reading
  • Supplies
    • Providing supplies to the teachers so that it does not become a burden on the teachers nor parents when more supplies are needed
  • Winter supplies
    • Providing tissue and other winter supplies that may be needed to also help support the teachers and parents when this is needed in the classroom
  • Math Programs
    • Providing math help if the teacher is in need to help support kids that need more assistance in math
  • And Much more

Discounts As a member you can get discounts locally and state wide. You have to become a member to access the link to all the fantastic discounts available.